“At the initial consultation, our company’s background, ideas, and goals were discussed. From there, a “game plan” was developed and time frame/fee was determined. By our second meeting, DGA realized a larger potential for clients, as well as services, that we were not capitalizing on.”

“A weekly meeting was set where ideas were exchanged and assignments for both sides were issued. Each following week built upon the previous one. Soon, sample pieces were developed and submitted for approval. DGA has taken what we thought to be an attractive advertising piece and turned it into a functional work of art. Even our business cards went from a purely functional state to one of art as well as function.”

“We are pleased with the process as well as the progress to date. Our next phase will be the web site rework and material for email blasts. We would recommend DGA for anyone interested in improving their market exposure.”

About our SERVICES

“We have contracted Debra Gallo’s marketing and design talents to boost our sales and service revenue to record highs within a five year period. In addition to successful sales numbers we now enjoy the benefit of an industrial image that represents best in class for customer service.”

About US

“In essence, DGA set up my entire company, handling firsthand every item that needed to be addressed. What impressed me most about DGA was their ability to quickly find answers to problems they were not familiar with. It went smoothly, on-time and under budget, perfect.”

Over the past few months, when given yet another project from us, and this one a major website re-design, DGA went above and beyond in terms of dedication and service. We felt Debra was as committed to telling the story “right” as we were and happily made edit after edit for us until the finished product truly reflected the vision, mission, and values of the school. DGA is timely and responsive to our needs. As a long-time client of DGA, we know that our voice in the process is heard and that Debra goes the extra mile to do things right.